We are a global team of quick moving problem-solvers. We help companies complete their creative projects through our digital platforms.

We believe technology should drive human endeavors, and it’s what enables us to be quick, reliable and maintain a high quality in everything we do. That’s how we have become dependable partners to our clients.

So, how do we use technology as an engine for creative outsourcing?

Take one of our core bands, VoiceBunny. A platform for integrated voice over services. Six years ago, when digital creative outsourcing was just beginning, we saw an opportunity. Voice overs have traditionally been purchased through specialized creative agencies. Before, you had to call or physically go to studios, select your talent, etc. Then, digital platforms for voice-overs were born. But the process was the same, just done online. You had to check different platforms, work your way through many talents to find the right one; negotiate the rates and turnaround times. And once you get the voice over, you have to work with different invoices, payment systems and hope for acceptable quality. You get the picture. It was still a long and cumbersome way to do outsourcing.

Yet outsourcing means “another source does it for you.“ So, how do we do actual outsourcing for creative projects, then? How do we create an online marketplace where you can choose the pieces you need for your creative projects, for any language or target audience, without having to go through all the digital hoops or compromising quality?

And, instead of drawn-out turnaround times, what if our global team could take care of the entire production and quality control of your creative projects? And complete them within a week or a few days, and with a 100% quality guarantee?

Well, we’ve found a way. We’re doing it now and everyday we’re doing it a little better. We move quickly, and we haven’t stopped at voice over outsourcing; our digital platforms are the new paths we’re opening and our next steps are clear: we’re here to change the landscape of creative outsourcing. We are Bunny Studio